Saraswatii Rugs elegantly speaks the stories of rich artistry narrating the tales of timeless art which continuous decor">

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

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The manufacturing process of Saraswatii Rugs elegantly speaks the stories of rich artistry narrating the tales of timeless art which continuous decorating your lavish interiors since centuries.

Each process brings out interesting stories of rich artistry and skilled artisans and proves the fact that the company stays strongly committed to its customers to deliver the best quality rugs to them. They bespeak stories of Sarastwaii’s commitments to manufacture the world class carpets without making any compromises to ensure the company stays on top when it comes to quality parameters in rug manufacturing.In fact, the company has been following all norms to ensure it gets raw the best raw materials to produce the best product.

The rug manufacturing process starts with shearing off real wool from sheep which is further spun into yarns. In fact, the entire rug making process is quite beautiful. In each of these processes, the rug passes through a magical transformation to come out as a beautiful piece of artistry to be spread on the floor.From being a simple yarn at first stage, it passes through different phases and hands, weaving thousands of stories in the process, bringing out a new story after passing through beautiful processes.

The rug making process, as said earlier, starts with yarn making process after collecting the finest wool. In fact, the initial task comprises sourcing out the best wool and processing it. This raw wool is cleaned and spun into yarn with diverse processes including carding, spinning and hanks.The raw wool/ silk fibers are spun into a yarn with help of charkhas & machines & the yarn then undergoes the dyeing process. The yarn is coloured by batch dyeing process. It is soaked in the dyes for several hours with the help of large machines. These dyed fibers are then dried completely. Once dried, these strands are wrapped & sent for weaving.

Next comes the dyeing process which is followed by wool processing.After the wool is processed, it goes for weaving to artisans who weave the rugs on the basis of a rug map given to them. Once, weaving is completed, there comes raw clipping process, which is followed by washing process,.In this process, rugs are washed to ensure they have natural sheen coming out through the yarns used Now, the rug is complete and hence is stretched, and done with edge binding and high low carving process where it is evened out and trimmed to ensure it is ready to be shipped.

From the design process, to the selection of materials, to the creation and finishing processes each rug is handcrafted with the finest care by a skilled team of artisans.As this one rug passes through many hands, it creates many interesting stories of craftsmanship, women entrepreneurship and many more within.


Construction of the carpet comes in different forms depending on the processes adopted to manufacture it. In fact, different kinds of techniques are involved in different kinds of carpets such as hand knotted, hand tufted & machine made carpet.

A hand-knotted carpet is created with the help of tying more than thousands of knots one over the other. It is a long & tiring process. The minimum time required for creating a hand-knotted carpet is 3-4 months. Hand-knotted rugs come as a premium quality and are a true visual treat to the eyes of the beholder. These rugs are exquisite & come as an investment for generations in the form of lasting legacy. These rugs take a lot of labor & time in its making which makes them unique masterpieces and therefore they are quite expensive.

While the hand knotted carpets are cent per cent handmade, the creation of hand tufted carpets involves the use of a tufting gun. The strands of wool are punched into a canvas with the help of tufted gun that is pre-stretched onto a frame. The pile is created and the rug is removed from the frame thereby securing the carpet with a heavy duty lining at the back which prevents its wear & tear. These rugs come with beautiful designs and are quite easy to construct. As it requires less labor & time, they are available at a much affordable price as compared to hand knotted rugs.Although they are not as long lasting as handknotted, still they can last for two to three decades if handled

The third category comprises machine made carpets which are made by large machines called power looms.These power looms are electrically automated and controlled by computers. The machine made carpets can be manufactured fast with the help of automated machines and are therefore low price alternative to hand-knotted rugs.Although they come at a low price, it doesn’t mean that they won’t last longer. A fine quality machine made wool rug if taken care of can last for a couple of decades


The finishing process of the carpet involves its rigorous washing with water & chemicals to remove all dirt. Also, the designs & motifs are highlighted in this process by carving & trimming the pile.

The finishing of a hand tufted carpet involves a coating of latex which is applied at its back to secure the carpet against any wear & tear. It brings shearing into picture which is a process under which all loose & projecting ends are sealed/ tied to secure the carpet. This addition of a fringe makes the carpet look beautiful & it also helps in its security.

The final step includes the strict quality inspection which each carpet has to undergo to overrule any manufacturing defect before it gets perfectly rolled & wrapped to ship.

With all these processes, we, at Saraswatii Global, stay committed to deliver the best products to retain our positioning as global leaders and hence we leave no stone unturned to ensure that the quality of our carpets remains of the best quality.

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