Tips to Buy Rugs & Carpets Online

Tips to Buy Rugs & Carpets Online

Tips to Buy Rugs & Carpets Online

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Shopping online makes a good choice for any customer as he is free to choose the choicest of rugs and carpets of different designs and patterns while sitting under the comfort of his house.

While doing online shopping, the customer may have many queries coming into his mind as he takes a step ahead to decide on to buy rugs and carpets online.

Firstly, he gets confused on looking at variety of colours and designs while shopping online for this product is so visual and tactile, and hence comes as a challenge. Similarly, there might be many other doubts and queries coming up in his mind while making online shopping and hence we come here with this blog to clarify all your fears and doubts. Here comes the tips to buy rugs and carpets online:

1. Fix your budget: You may go spoilt for choice while on your online shopping spree as there is a wide range of choice available under different price range. At this point of time, you need to be sure shot of your budget in hand as crossing the thin line may give you financial woes. So plan you budget first before you go for making online shopping for carpets and rugs.

Also you need to select the platform that suits your budget the best in terms of monthly amounts which you shall be paying.

2. Measure the rug size before buying it: Online stores come with a wide range of rug sizes. So the first step as a smart customer is to measure your room to find the closest fit. Besides measuring the room’s length and width perfectly, also ensure that the furniture in the room matches with the rug. At times, people forget about the furniture and hence when the rug comes, they are left with no choice but to lift their extremely heavy entertainment centre so the rug could slip under to fit the dimensions he measured.

Shipping the heavy rug back for an exchange is a huge pain.

So its better to measure the room and furniture size accurately to see how the rug fits inside your room.

The best part is to measure the floor area you want to cover, and hence measuring wall to wall may not be the best criteria.

3. Decide the room where you want to spread the rug:
Next crucial step is to define the room where you need to spread the rug. This is because all rooms including living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, office rooms etc have different requirements. For example, choosing the right rug for your living room may require it to match with the set furniture. Also the interiors of the room should match with the rug you are planning to bring home. Similarly, for bedroom, the size of bed, side table etc need to be kept in mind while going for shopping.

4. Choose the best online platform: There are many platforms offering the best offers/sales/discounts/ prices for rugs and carpets. Don’t fall Into the trap without knowing the company policies. It makes all the difference after knowing about diverse facts such as the shipping costs, etc,. Look for platforms that suit your product needs

5. Study the terms and conditions as set by online platforms: Each online platform has set its own terms and conditions. As a smart customer, you should read them, understand them and see what suits you the best. Once you are through with all the points, only then you should make the final choice of choosing the right online platform.

6. Study the Payment Method in detail: If there are any issues with using PayPal (which is the most easy and popular payment processor), you’ll have to check out into making arrangements. This is because not all eCommerce platforms opt for the third party payment processors. So go with the company which gives you option to select payment method of your choice.

7. Share experiences of friends and families who bought online rug before: You should ask your friends for help who have the online shopping experience whenever you have any doubt in mind. They might know about online frauds happening around and can also share the list of the best online stores near you. Also, they can help you in exploring the best deals on online stores with the great discount on rugs. Going with their experience, you can search for budget-friendly rugs online deals and then you can sign up for email coupons and get the benefit of online sales.

8. Now, make a clear mindset about type of rug you are looking for: There might be thousands of premium rugs present online, however, as a smart customer, you need to combat with the problem of choice. You might get confused onlooking the wide range of rugs and hence it is better if you have a clear mind about the kind of rug you are looking for in terms of its shape, size, quality and colour.

It is better if you know about the aesthetic you are looking for. Narrowing down your search based on certain attributes will help you make a better rug choice.

9. Consider carpet materials too while choosing online: Carpet materials are something important to consider too. For example, when you select wool, you know it is the best material for the pile. Similarly, silk pile is luxurious however, is not good for high traffic areas of your home. The warp can either be cotton, wool or silk. You should further be aware of the fact that machine made and area rugs may look beautiful, but there a few health concerns with them compared with hand-knotted rugs which use natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk.

By this time, you must be clear in your mind and thought for taking the to-do action. Now you can start scrolling the internet to search for the most popular eCommerce platforms available online. Start experimenting/working with a few options of your choice by making certain clicks and you are right away to choose the best in all terms and means.


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