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Hand-made rugs have the special personal touch of the artisans’ hands & have their own specific beauty. There are a number of things that a buyer doesn’t know about these rugs & hence is always confused regarding the details of hand-made rugs. To clarify all doubts we present a list of most frequently asked questions on hand made rugs along with the answers.

When there comes a change in colour in rug's field or border, it is called as ‘Abrash’. The smooth color change slowly extends through the rug, from left to right, due to differences in wool or dye batches. The beauty of abrash is that it is well appreciated by carpet lovers as a testament of handwork rather than being seen as a flaw.

The surface yarn of a rug is called as rug pile. It is this part of the which makes up the rug’s face. The measurement of a rug pile brings to fore the thickness of your new rug.

This is a sheer misnomer that Oriental rugs are quite expensive. If you are keen on cutting on your budget, consider selecting newer pieces and look in for rug depending on factors such as raw material and labour costs.

Yes, we have been providing customised carpets and have been accepting designs which comes right from the heart of our customers. The design brief is then passed to our teams who narrate artisans to produce a rug which is officially yours with your official design story.

No not at all! In this case, you can opt for a handkotted rug which can have high traffic but it can last for years. Also they are easy to be cleaned and maintained. Also these rugs are quite durable hence having pets and kids doesn’t come as a hindrance to buy a rug.

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