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Pricing Policy

Each of our rugs/carpets are being handled with extra care when we decide on pricing issues. We devote a lot of time and effort to finalise the price of each article to ensure our customers get the finest quality of carpets/rugs at the most reasonable price.

We follow transparency while fixing price

Saraswatii keeps transparency for customers in mind while fixing on price of rugs and carpets. The price is being decided at Sarastwatii Global after considering diverse parameters such as efforts of artisans, skills, quality, intricacy of design, construction type, shape, size, material

Discount offers are well defined for fixed durations

The product’s final pricing is defined at a time when it is finally ordered but not when it is shortlisted in the cart. For example, you selected the product during the discount period, however you finally order it when discount period gets over. So the final price is being defined when you are ordering the product.

Our prices are the best

The finest quality of products are provided to customers at the best price at Saraswatii Globals. Our ideology is to provide the best quality products which might not be cheapest but are the best when it comes to quality. Also, our products don’t match with any products being offered on sale or auctions or under any kind of offers on any websites.

The management reserves the right to enhance the price of the product or products as and when it deems fit to do so,but the same will always be buyer's friendly.

We accept errors if they are

Although we work hard to ensure accuracy of pricing, however, we all know that to err is human and therefore, if the price of the product is higher than being displayed that we do reserve the right to cancel your order and notify you for cancellation and changed price. In this case, your amount shall be refunded into your account in 7 working days.

Prices can change based on market conditions

Based on market conditions, availability and manufacturers' pricing policies, our pricing is subject to change. Saraswatii Globals, as said said, reserves due right to correct errors in pricing and can refuse orders for which incorrect pricing is being given. The previous made orders cannot be given the benefits of new coupons, fresh discount offers or referral discounts.

Clearance Specials

At times, Saraswatii Globals also offer select merchandise at clearance prices. The pricing on products under our clearance section are reduced to move inventory. Our company reserves all right to adjust pricing on these products any time. For all your queries on pricing policies, please contact us or email us at info@saraswatiglobal.com.

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