Ideas to renovate home with hand tufted carpets

Ideas to renovate home with hand tufted carpets

Ideas to renovate home with hand tufted carpets

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Renovating your living spaces is always a delightful experience as it gives you the chance to creatively express yourself in redoing your interiors all over again. Redecorating your house will give it a new life but budget is always a concern. So a way of bring a significant décor change in your rooms is via changing the carpets. Going for hand tufted rugs gives a regal touch to your decor without burning a hole in your pocket.

There may be thousands of questions in your mind that why would you opt for hand tufted carpets when present day markets offer countless options from reputed carpet dealers in various categories. For example, the traditional hand knot carpets give you a royal feel while the designer hand knotted carpet provides an urban taste to art lovers and the vibrant, pocket friendly and stylish machine made carpets, etc give a style statement to your floors.

Now, the reason hand tufted carpets are preferred is that these carpets give the owner a sophistication, urban style and comfort at a reasonable price allowing you to renovate your house every 7-10 years without much stress on your finances. So let’s get you started with fabulous ideas for giving an entire new look to your home with help of hand tufted carpets.

Handtufted carpets give a new aura to every room by picking the right colors:

Colors give life to living spaces. Every color has its signature feel and impact on the décor. Pastel shaded and light monochrome carpets give the room a soothing and relaxing ambience and multi colored bright carpets make the room more lively with warmth. For instance, pastel green or light blue carpet in your library or study room will help you concentrate at your best and a multi colored tufted rug in your living area will be more warm and welcoming for your family, friends and visitors. So if you are keen to get your home decor done with modern rugs reflecting different hues, then hand tufted rugs can go with your choice.


Handtufted carpets can give a new design by layering creating a mesmerising chic look:

You need not change the entire home décor in order to renovate your home. Why an Old Persian hand knotted carpet should be thrown when you can layer it with a different shaped hand tufted carpet creating a chic dramatic look that completely elevates the style quotient of your home décor. Opt for contrasting colors to make the room more vibrant with the latest design to match it with the decor of your home. Also you can satiate your design instinct of doing something which is really innovative and creative.


Hand tufted carpets make your home look bigger and spacious with lighter and bigger carpets: We all wish you make that small room in our house appear bigger, don’t we? Well this can be done in no time just by layering the floor with a full coverage light colored hand tufted carpets. Despite its narrow dimensions the light colored carpet in the room will make it appear spacious and airy. So try get a beautiful hand tufted carpet and make your rooms look bigger and spacious simply by spreading lighter carpets!

Hand tufted hassocks add urban modern style to any living room:

Hand tufted hassocks are an amazing product in itself which are quite capable of adding glamour and comfort to any living room. The hassocks with its vibrant color, stylish look and comfortable feel is fabulous and immensely popular option among millennial people for changing the room décor and hence are preferred by art lovers to give a new feel to their house.


Now, at the end,, you might get confused from where to buy these products from. So the way-out is quite easy. Choose the best handcuffed area rug from the suppliers. The market is loaded with many carpet suppliers offering lucrative deals. But it’s hard to find a trustworthy seller with authentic products. So it’s always advised to choose a seller with a good brand like Saraswati Global Pvt. Ltd. Our artisans and curators are well experienced and thus we are a leading Area Rug supplier on global platform since 3 decades. We have meticulously maintained the quality of our products and thus have been honored by many awards and accolades, which stand as the testament of the fine quality of our rugs and carpets. We gladly invite you to our website to see it yourself and allow us to gain your trust.

So bring home the rug which has earned credibility, trust and laurels over the years to ensure you have the best long lasting legacy spread on your floors which are being adorned by art connoisseurs. And nothing better than Saraswati Rugs can come up in this context as it is the sole brand which has won millions of hearts with mesmerising designs which have been speaking stories after being spread on floors.


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